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Nepal’s Mount Everest seen from Bihar India by open eyes

Best Khabar Team | २०७७ बैशाख २३ गते मंगलबार

A picture of the the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas, as seen from a village in Bihar, is currently going viral online. Residents of the Singhwahini village woke up to the stunning view on Monday morning.The now-viral picture was shared on Twitter by Ritu Jaiswal, Mukhiya of Gram Panchayat Singhwahini, a village in Bihar’s Sitamarhi…

What is the ‘Burning Objects’ in Nepal’s sky this Thursday night?

Best Khabar Team | २०७६ चैत्र १३ गते बिहिबार

26 March, 2020 PokharaThis Thursday night, people from Western parts of Nepal had taken to social media to report sighting of the ‘burning’ object . When this information published in the social media, The Nepal Astronomical Society has urged Gandaki province residents to provide further evidence on an unknown object observed entering the atmosphere from…

Scientists’ Obligations During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Best Khabar Team | २०७६ फाल्गुन १३ गते मंगलबार

John D. Loike Since December 2019, the spread of a new coronavirus from Wuhan, China, across the globe has been a primary news focus. It is often unclear where the public gets its information, but all kinds of erroneous material has been circulating—including online discussions about conspiracy theories and whether the virus comes from drinking Corona beer or eating Chinese…

Nepal & Cyber Security

Best Khabar Team | २०७६ मंशिर २९ गते आइतबार

Ravi Dhungel Nepal has seen a paradigm shift in social, economic and political sectors in the last decade. As one of the oldest nations in the region transitioning to the newest republic, people’s movement and republic centric ideas have been thrust to the center stage. Nepal has also made remarkable progress in adopting information and…

Climate change & it’s effect in Himalayan Region

Best Khabar Team | २०७६ मंशिर २३ गते सोमबार

Kathmandu . Experts fear that these glaciers in the Himalayas are shrinking. Temperatures here have risen by 1.1 degrees celsius over the last 100 years. The Kolahoi Glacier, spread over 11 square kilometres, has shrunk by 2.63 square kilometres in the last 30 years alone. This glacier is the main water source for Kashmir’s biggest…

New Zealand Natural Disaster : 5 Dead and many mising

Best Khabar Team | २०७६ मंशिर २३ गते सोमबार

09, Dec, 2019 New Zealand, At least five people have died and many are missing following an eruption that released ash 12,000 feet above the tourist destination New Zealand. Fewer than 50 visitors were on or near White Island, which is also known as Whakaari, at the time of the eruption, and 23 people have…

Nepal Visit Year-2020 : Jungle Safari Open At Banke National Park

Best Khabar Team | २०७६ मंशिर २३ गते सोमबार

09 Dec,2019 Banke, Jungle safari has been kept open at Banke National Park in view of Nepal Visit Year-2020. Pramod Shrestha, Chief Conservation Officer of Banke National Park, informed jungle riding has been kept open for domestic and foreign tourists targeting the Visit Nepal Year. Though jungle safari was permitted since two years back inflow…